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Challenge CEP - Marathon Foils 2023      

U14 ,  U17    february 4-5  2023                                                              by leon paul

fra-Marathon Fleuret 2023


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ARTICLE 1 : Marathon camp 2023

International camp prior to the marathon from Wednesday february 1st to Thursday february 2nd 2023 from 9:30am to noon and from 2pm to 5pm

FEE : 120€ per fencer before january 25th and 150€ on site

Registration and online payment :

ARTICLE 2 : Training zone

Participants may come and train freely in the CEP’s training facilities located 5 minutes away from the Carpentier Hall, from Monday to Saturday, 9:00am to 1030pm.

contact : tel :+33 7 81 71 05 01  / 3 rue Caillaux- Paris

                                                                                                             Gymnase Caillaux

ARTICLE 3 : Event, date and venue

Venue   : Halle Carpentier, 81 Bd Masséna 75013 PARIS France

Categories :  U17 hommes et dames  (2006, 2007, 2008),              

                        U14 hommes et dames (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)           

Dates : Friday february 3rd, Saturday february 4th, Sunday february 5th 2023

ARTICLE 4 : License

FFE License or national license valid for 2022-2023 fencing season.

For U14 category, the event being an ECC european circuit event, the european license is mandatory.

ARTICLE 5 : Equipment

350 N or 800 N (FIE) clothing, with 800 N plastron. 350N or 800N mask – electric bib mandatory for both U17 and U14. Blades size 5 or less, all blade types are allowed maraging and non-maraging, all grips are allowed.

ARTICLE 6: Directoire technique

Any dispute will be decided by a Directoire technique formed on the day of the event. Photos taken on the event by official photographers are free of rights for the duration of the event. The organisers accept no liability for accidents, thefts or loss that may occur to participants or spectators. The organisers reserve the right to change the formula based on the number of participants. The fact to engage implies acceptance of these rules and provisions that result.

ARTICLE 7 : Formula

U17: pools in 5 hits 3 min, DE in 15 hits in 3x 3 min

U14 : pools in 5 hits 3 min, DE in 10 hits in 2x3 min

Saturday – Preliminary events

Pools : 2 rounds of pools. Direcy elimination table of 256 ; 105 qualified for sunday

Nota :  after T128, 97 qualify for Sunday ; tables for the 31 remaining, 8 of whom will qualify for Sunday.

Sunday – Second chance events

105 fencers, pools of 5 ; Table of 128 ; Table of 64  with second chance beginning from T64 until quarter finals ; Final 8 fencers, quarters, semi and finals without second chance.

For U14 women category: Saturday : 2 rounds of pools – DE until 64 if beginning with more than 120 U14 women fencers, 3rd pool until 48 qualified if beginning with less than 120 U14 women fencers – Sunday T64 then T32 with second chance.

ARTICLE 8 : Prizes

The first 8 in each event will be awarded as well as the coaches of each winner with trophies, medals or prizes (laptops, TV, AIRPOD, Home Video, drones, high-tech…)

ARTICLE 9 : Catering , Equipment Stand A food stand will be opened as well as equipment stands during the whole event.

ARTICLE 10 : Comfort Pass

To enable you to live this event in the best conditions, if you wish you can buy a comfort pass. It gives its owner access to a lounge during the whole competition which will give you extra comfort. Refreshments, secured and guarded place for your fencing bags, 1 free accreditation, access to a fast track : registration, equipment check on Friday morning from 11 :00am… Charged  150€ for the 3 days, it can be purchased at the marathon shop on site, via the website or per mail :

ARTICLE 11 : Registration and payment

In order to ensure smooth running of the event, the organisers may close the registrations prior to the scheduled cllosure date i.e. if the number of fencers reaches a critical level. Registrations will then be accepted on a first come first served basis.

Payment until october 15th 2022                                      36€      

Payment from october 15th to november 1st 2022       39€

Payment from november 2nd to december 1st 2022    41€

Payment from december 2nd to January 1st 2023           43€

Payment from january 2nd to january 10th 2023             45€

Payment from january 11th to january 31st 2023           49€

Payment from february 1st to february 2nd 2023            60€

Payment FEBRUARY 3rd 2023                                             90 €

Registrations have to be submitted to the CEP before Sunday january 29th 2023

On the website :

Visa MasterCard    rubrique inscription marathon 2022

Via webmail 

Via postal mail :   Mme LE CORRE Pascale  -

C.E.P - Cercle des Escrimeurs Parisiens

24 r Moulin de la Pointe


Nota : In case of non-participation, the fee will only be refunded if the fencer has informed the organiser at least 120 hours before the beginning of the event (i.e. before Monday january 30th 2023 – 7:30am). No refunding will be carried out after this deadline.

ARTICLE 12 : Referees

- Mandatory tally and meeting of the referees or their representatives on Friday february 3rd 2023 at 7:30pm.

- The referees must be of an international, national level or being in training.

- Referee flat fee : Every club with more than 3 participants may subscribe on line or by check a referee flat fee of 215€ exempting them from submitting a referee (this to help clubs with no referee or if the cost for a referee is to high)

Submission and registration of the referees must be made before January 2nd 2023. After this date, a club or delegation having more than 3 fencers will not be able to submit referees and will have to subscribe to flat fees of 215€.

 After january 2nd, if no referee registration or subscription to the flat fee has been made a penalty of 600€ per missing referee will have to be paid at the time of the registration on Friday.

For clubs or delegations having more than 3 registrations :

Up to 3 fencers per club 0 referee For 15 to 24 fencers per club 3 referees

For 4 to 7 fencers per club 1 referee For 25 and more fencers per club 4 referees

For 8 to 14 fencers per club 2 referees   

For foreign clubs having less than 4 registrations:

If a club has less than 4 registrations for the whole event, the fencers will be gathered by country and referees or flat fees will be requested as follows:

From 5 to 9 fencers per country 1 referee From 25 to 39 fencers per country 4 referees

From 10 to 14 fencers per country  2 referees More 40 fencers per country 5 referees

From 15 to 24 fencers per country 3 referees   

ARTICLE 10 : Accreditations

Accreditations requests only for coaches must be done before january 20th, 2023 directly on the website, accreditation menu or by email

Accreditation is free for coaches for all requests made before january 20th, 2023.

For people who are not official coaches, or after january 20th for official coaches, the accreditation will be charged 80€.

For lost accreditation or requests for people not beeing certified official coaches, the accreditation will be charged 80€.

Accreditations will be retrieved only on Friday, february 3rd 2023 from 2:00pm to 7:00pm in the Carpentier hall.

Club quota for accreditations :

1 accreditation for 1 to 4 present fencers; 5 accreditations for 18 to 20 present fencers;

2 accreditations for 5 to 9 present fencers; 8 accreditations for 21 to 29 present fencers;

3 accreditations for 10 to 13 present fencers; 10 accreditations for 30 or more present fencers.

4 accreditations for 14 to 17 present fencers;  

ARTICLE 12 : Schedule 

MARATHON fencing camp :  Wednesday february 2nd and Thursday february 3rd 2023 from 9:30 to 12:00am and from 2:00 to 5:00pm (120 € per fencer before january 25th, 150€ on site)

Friday february 3rd 2023

All categories

From 2:00 to 8:00pm :  Registration, tally, accreditation,equipment checking, stickers

                 9:00pm :   Creation of the pools

                 7:30pm :   Referees meeting

Saturday february 4th 2023

U14 men 09’10’11’ 12’ 6:30am opening of the Hall, 7:30am pools start, 1:00pm Table T32

U17 women 06’07’08’ 6:30am opening of the Hall, 7:30am pools start, 1:00pm Table T32

U17 men 06’07’08’ 11:45am opening of the Hall, 2:00pm pools start, 8:00pm Table T32   

U14 women 09’10’11’12’ 11:45am opening of the Hall 2:00pm pools start, 6:45pm Table t128                           


Sunday february 5th 2023

U14 women :

10:00am T64 then T32 with second chance, 5:00pm Final 8 fencers, 6:30pm Awards ceremony

all other categories:

7:00am opening of the Hall,  8:00am pools start, 10:00am T64  with second chance, 6:30 Awards ceremony

ARTICLE 14: Hotel

Hotel NOVOTEL ( **** )

3 min walking to Carpentier hall

22 rue Voltaire 94270 LE KREMLIN BICÊTRE France

Special rate  Escrime Marathon 2021 :

Room 2 adults +2 children  109€   -  Room 3 adults +1 child  122€

Room + breakfast 1 adult + 1 child    124€

Room + breakfast 2 adults + 2 children  139€

Room + breakfast 3 adults + 1 child        167€

To be requested only by email or by phone

Tel : +33 (0)1 45 21 19 09



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